Audio-monitoring the performance of
Call Centers,
Promoters and
Sales Representatives.

Because of the improper performance of works by their promoters, Companies, on a daily basis, lose around 30% of their campaign-related assets and revenues, and here is why...

Lack of control

Assessing and understanding the efficiency of work of promoters and trade reps, as well as the quality of out-of-office customer services is not an easy task, as employees are out there on their own.

Escaping from work

Some of such employees hold their positions only because they have a chance to escape from work, thus deceiving their Company and performing their duties and chores in the worst manner possible.


Filling out fake reports, while revealing disrespectful attitude towards customers, negligence with regard to scripts – these are just some of the problems faced by Companies.

We have the solution

The solution offered by Voicealytics can help your business handle this issue!

Our platform provides:

  • Analysis pertaining to each employee and possible cheating and frauds
  • Real-time data on all activities and locations, available 24×7
  • Personalized technical solutions adapted to cater the needs of your business and your equipment

What is the deal?


While at work, employees are carrying a device (a tablet, a smartphone) with a preinstalled program on it. As part of the background activity, the device buffers (records) dialogues with customers, and the employee agrees to register and send to the server the key moments (final minutes of deals) by pressing a button. The rest is deleted from the buffer.


Such dialogues with Customers are then being sent to a database whereat all such events are being  stored, and one has permanent access to them. Audio records are processed by a special Quality Control Call-Center.


By means of an online interface, you can track sales, download reports and view sales statistics in general and for each employee individually (including success, failures, frauds).

Once Voicealytics is implemented for you...

Incremental sales

To assure the best quality of service and proper communication of employees with customers, this task should become an imperative practice.

Customer loyalty reinforcement

Needless to say – as your product is properly presented and acknowledged by customers, your customer base is growing.

Fraud and cheating eliminated

Using the data provided by our system, you will be able to quickly identify cheating employees and take further actions.

Improvement in quality of registration and optimization of the work of staff

Our system can be integrated with staffing and analytical or BI systems used by Companies. Having gained access to additional inputs on the employees’ performance, accordingly, one has access to an expanded set of optimization levers.

Remote control

There is no need to leave your office, as you will have direct access to understanding what is going on in your company, and how productive the employees’ work is.

Detection of weak links in the process

Detailed stats help reveal the exact stage at which something went wrong, accordingly one will know at which point the issue should be approached.

Why is it worth working with us?


Our R&D suits the
software to cater precisely your needs,
considering your business’ individual particularities.

Unlimited revisions

We perform all necessary
improvements, fast and free of charge, until
the moment the product fully meets your needs.

Cloud solutions

The solution can be located on any
server, and the tablet or handset software can be updated
directly from or App Store.

Professional Quality Control Center

A specifically trained Сall-center,
working 24×7, analyzes over 3000 audio records a day.

Reasonable price

Thanks to the fact that we save your
money by improving the quality of
your rendered services, you will quickly
pay off your investment in our collaboration.

ONLINE reporting

You receive live reports and real-time

Location-based operation

You’ll know where your people work and how they do it.


The collected data is completely confidential and preserved from public.

Implementation stages...

Our specialists will develop a technical task in close cooperation with your Company, and our experience in the field will be of great hand here.

The product development and implementation stage takes around three weeks.

Continuous tests and improvements, technical support and bringing the product to perfection – are the routine that is common for each our project.


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